News in the life of MSB

26th Jul 2019

Here at Main Street Boutique we are striving to become a small town boutique that is being represented across the country. We have been working on keeping our social media up-to-date while also keeping our in store items displayed beautifully. 

Our biggest and most recent project is currently this website. Our goal is to make an easy to use website that gives you the ability to be served as though you just walked through the door. On the website you will find all of our most recent items. We get new shipments in all the time to provide the items that our customers crave. We want to be as available to you- our customers- as possible. If you ever have questions about any items you find on the web page, feel free to call us during business hours (all shown on the contact page in the Central Time Zone) for an individual consultation.  Our staff will work hard to make sure you get the perfect size and style that you need. We will even pull out the tape measure if you want!

Thank you for visiting our page we hope to see you again soon. For now please feel free to continue browsing and enjoy!